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Do telltale games have gamepad support for pc?

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Do the telltale games, have gamepad support for pc?

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  • Not that I know of, though i'd prepare for me to be horribly wrong. My point being is that there's a program out there to bind a controller to your keyboard keys...though I don't have a clue what it's called

    ...this was a really helpful post wasn't it? :p

  • I believe the program is called JoytoKey

  • Most don't but Wallace and Gromit does.

  • That's a shame because I would like to play via gamepad. I know it would be difficult to implement rumble, because it doesn't fit the game, but I think it would be better to play them sort of games via a gamepad.most controllers have two analog sticks. I think the first stick should be used to move the actual characters and the second to be like a cursor, with one of the buttons used to obviously select objects. One thing that should not be implemented is the fact that xbox 360 is the only supported gamepad, because of this my newly bought gamepads are becoming worthless. Eventhough there is an emulator which works, it's not brilliant and is very difficult

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