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SEGA announced Sonic the Hedgehog 4

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I don't know you guys, but platformer genre is what I like the most, even more than adventure games. And, well, my avatar may be a giveaway, but it was always the good ol' Sonic games that are always my favorite platformers -even to this time, but, well, there wasn't that much of new platformer games recently.

Because of this, the last couple of years was full of rather hopes and disappointments. It was like I was informed about a new Sonic game, only to be informed again about how sucked it was, when it's out 6 months later. A new series of Wii/handheld games? Doomed to be sucked. A game with less characters and more platformer action? Sounded good, but the whole Werehog thing ruined that one. This kind of trial and errors continued, until they hit the spot and announced their ongoing Project Needlemouse to actually be, Sonic the Hedgehog 4. I mean, they're messing with the main series. If they ruin that up, there is no way out. Also, I don't really like when the classics go back to their roots to get their appreciation and respect after how they bit their dust from the 3D storm (*coughmegamancough*) but...

GOD I am hyped. It's said to be episodic (I'm not sure how that'll work) and besides PSN, XBLA and WiiWare they said this game will be out for another platform. If that's PC, now don't hold me.

It's a really good gift that they announced it in my birthday. Because... today is... yes... well... That's the day. Telltale also gifted me a free episode (which is totally by chance but still I<3U TTG). Day's going rad as hell I tell ya.

...anyway, I wanted to hear your opinions, if any.

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