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Art Contest : Love is in the Air

posted by nikasaur on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users

Maybe you're no great shakes with words, but you want a chance at Fame! Glory! Fortune!

All you artists are in for a treat. We know there are wildly creative people among our fans, and this is the time that you can show off every brushstroke, sketch and splatter: a weekly art contest. From this Thursday 'til next, you have an assignment:

Make a Telltale-themed valentine card!

You can draw it, photoshop it, whatever strikes your fancy! Make it good, so we can send them to our friends (or around the office here, o0o0o0oh.)

This contest will be evolving as we get a feel for the timing and think of a cute title, but don't hold back. I wanna see some totally awesome art, I know you guys have it in you.

For those about to Draw, we salute you!

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