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Invisible guybrush!!!!!! :(

posted by TalesOfMurray on - last edited - Viewed by 327 users

i purchased the whole ToMI yesterday afternoon, and was really ejoyin playin thru it... .... UNTIL....... GUYBRUSH DISAPEARED OF THE GAME SCREEN!!!!!


it has left me unable to move, when i try the invisible guybrush don't go nowhere! i am still able to click on items/things and the screen moves as if it wud when Guybrush walks towards them, he says his stuff bout the object, then BANG! freezes again!!!!!

here is a screen shot of the chaos:

here is how i think i got into this mess:
i had buried the ninja figure, got the ship and made the news paper......
i tried to save my game on the map screen with the pic of the hut and "the word"....... Then immediately loaded the data back up


I just hope that there is a way to solve this problem other than completely re-starting the chapter as i would find it annoying as there is no way to skip any of the dialogue/cut scenes...... This would seriously make me consider not even playin the rest of the game (just encase it happens again) or in fact, any other TellTale game in future!!!!!


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    Macfly77 Moderator

    While you can't skip cutscenes, right-clicking when someone is talking will cut the sentence short and can make cutscenes go a lot faster.
    However, I'm pretty sure that Telltale will look into the problem and find a better solution.
    While Telltale's games are not always perfect when they first get released digitally, they listen to the players and keep improving the games until the disc release (and possibly afterwards).
    But not every player will encounter every problem and it is possible to play through the game without having Guybrush disappear, for example (therefore, it is possible that Telltale missed it before making the game available).
    Also, keep in mind that this is their first Mac release (Bone was ported and distributed by Vanbrio) and they will only get better.
    If you check the forums, you will notice that most complaints get addressed, most problems get solved and that Telltale is one of the best companies for customer service.
    Don't give up on them just yet! ;)

  • Just to be clear, is this the Mac version of the game or the PC? At any rate, I'll make sure this gets written up and fixed, and we can get you a fixed save game.

  • Here is a save from the point you described. It will work on mac or PC, you might have to adjust your graphics settings though.
    Yamaha PSR-7 history

  • played it thru again in the end. it was a mac version of the game, sorry about the aggressive post, goning thru bad times at the moment.....

    thank you for your quick response and helpfullness....

    thanks again telltale team.


  • and how do you get the saved link uv just attached to apply to your game? where do you put the file?

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    DjNDB Moderator

    @adamwazzza said: and how do you get the saved link uv just attached to apply to your game? where do you put the file?

    You have to extract the .save file from the .zip. For the location where the .save file goes to look at this tutorial.

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    flagg Telltale Staff

    Thanks for letting us know about this! If anyone else runs into the same problem, you can make Guybrush visible again by opening your inventory and examining the map again.

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