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Securom problem and Sam & max season 1

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I'm having a bit of a problem with the copy protection on S&M S1. I do of course have a legal disk (else I would not post here...), so the copy protection really should not bother me, right?
Well, it turns out that securom does not read my disk as legal... about 4/5 of the time. This means that each time I want to start a game of S&M (that really sounds bad), i'll have to try to start it multiple times (which takes some time, as securom has to confirm that my disk is legal...). The disk has no major scratches, and I have not had any copy protection related problems in the past, not even with securom.

I'm running WinXp Sp3, my CD-rom driver is an NEC ND-2500A, and if there is any more information that might help, then tell me.

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    Let's try updating the DVD drive with the latest firmware:

    ND 2500A Firmware

    Follow the instructions on the page to update the drive. Make sure that you:

    * Don't run any other programs when updating the firmware.
    * Remove all CDs/DVDs from the drives.
    * Be prepared to reboot the computer.

    After you go though the steps and reboot, try playing the game again.

  • I did an update of my firmware, but the problem still persists.

    Thanks for trying to help.
    It does seem to be a known securom problem. On securom's website, they suggested that I should change the transfer mode from DMA to PIO. Now my knowledge about this is not all that it should be (i'm no computer expert), but would not chanting it to PIO result in a heavier processor load? It's basically would force all data to go trough the processor, which in turn would result in my processor power not being available for other things (like the game, for an example). I'm not too happy with the suggested solution, seeing how I would much rather use the much more efficient DMA mode, and I can't really see why they would not try to iron out bugs like this (it's rather severe when it happens). After all, is not DMA the norm these days, with PIO basically being a relic of the past as far as CD/DVD drivers go? Now i'm just going to go sit and grumble about obsolete tech in a corner...

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