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Demo downloaded

posted by Agentbauer on - last edited - Viewed by 175 users

I´ve got the demo of Sam & Max on a cd of a computer game magazine, and would like to upgrade it to the full version.
Can someone tell me, how this works??

I have no internet connection on my gaming PC, so is it possible to get the full version without downloading it??

thx for any assistance!!!

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  • You already have the full version. You need to activate that. There was an other thread about this same issue not too long ago. Check it out.

  • Just install the demo version from the CD on the computer without the internet connection. That is the full version, but you need to pay to unlock it. You can buy the full version through our online store here:

    Once you've purchased it, click Activation Support in the demo and write down the hardware fingerprint code that displays. (You need to click Activation Support on the gaming PC so we can send back an activation key that works for that specific computer.) Send us that code at, as well as your first and last name and your order number so we can identify you as a customer. We'll send back an activation key so you can unlock the full game.

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