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What was your favorite Tales of Monkey island episode, and why?

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That's it. MussKatt wants to know, now that the dust settled, what was your favorite episode in the Tales of Monkey Island series.

Mine was without a doubt, Lair of the Liviathan. The reason is the style, ambience, music and of course Murray. Murray is my favorite caracter in this series , and was one of the reasons i like Monkey Island 3, and remembered it to this day. Awesome caracter:)

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  • Trial and Execution, for sure. I loved the atmosphere of Flotsam Island at night, I loved the folding map idea (obviously), I loved Morgan's character development, and I love to hate the cliffhanger ending, which was the spark that got me to start posting here.

  • I agree that episode 4 was great too! In fact, in order of preference i'd have to say that my fave are 3-5-4-2-1.

    I actually didn't play episode 2-3-4-5 before about i'd say 3 weeks ago and finished the games 3 days ago. I was totally pleasantly surprised at the quality of the newest episodes versus the old ones ( not a fan of the 1st one ). I generally dislike walking in the woods for some reason!

  • Trial and execution. Wonderfully dramatic without sacrificing any of the humour.

  • True. I was moved by this whole series with all the Morgan Leflay storyline. It was masterfully done:)

  • 4>5>3>2>1, but I rate them all 10/10

    4 is just perfect times two with vanilla sauce. Awesome athmosphere, the best jokes, and the ending is just WOW. Not for the surprise but for the way they pulled everything off. Among top five gaming experiences after ten years++ of playing video games.

    5 is kinda it's own thing, we know the story by then and 5 is the great conclusion which has it's own quality and is hard to compare to the others IMO. The battle was pulled off perfectly with that serious-ish spin.

    3 is just awesome. I didn't like the manatee concept at first but it impressed. It had maybe the best group of cast among the chapters. Morgan, Santino, Noogie, Murray...

    2 was great, feeling more in-depth and plot-moving than 1. And LeChuck's parts were awesome.

    1 served as a great introduction to the series. The events themselves weren't the greatest, more just being the beginning of such a great game. And Winslow and Desinge were awesome of course.

  • Part IV was just amazing! Easily the hardest of them all and filled with the most epic moments.

  • Wow. I am surprise that episode 5 is not getting more love soo far. It's totally awesome and distinctive with tons of charms. If only They would have brought murray into it :)

  • Yeah, Rise of the Pirate God was my favourite... just. It had the most locations (though most were recycled ones), it had great humour, great new characters, the underworld was stunning and the game finished the series and story nicely, while opening up a new one (with the scene after the credits).

  • I voted for Chapter 5, though I had a hard time not picking Chapter 4.

  • I loved chapter 3, it just had the right kind of puzzles and I think it was probably the best graphically, apart from the intro sequence of chapter 1.

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