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Sam And Max Season 1 DVD

posted by AvzinElkein on - last edited - Viewed by 149 users

When I try to 'run the enhanced content' on the DVD, I got two error messages in a row.

The first is "Error accessing the system registry", and the second is "Unexpected error; quitting".

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  • What do you mean "run enhanced content" ?

    Are you playing a retail copy of the game, or the "collectors DVD" from the Telltale store?

    If you're running the one from the Telltale site, the extra content is almost entirely a video DVD -- run the disc in Windows Media Player, or pop it in your DVD player on your TV. If that's not the issue let me know.


  • 'Run Enhanced Content' is what it's called when I right-click the DVD drive icon (and I purchased the DVD from the Telltale website). You may call it AutoRun if you wish.

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    The Autorun launcher simply won't work on Windows 7.

    Don't panic!
    You can access all of the contents of the disc by opening the file folders directly.

    The setup.exe will install the game, and all of the contents are all in there. Sadly there isn't a way to 'patch' the Autorun as it's physically burnt to the disc. You're not missing anything of relevance that can't be access directly on the disk; let alone the games.

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    I meant Vista as well. Sorry about that!

  • It's probably the same issue unfortunately. The disc content includes buttons to launch each episode (which also end up in your Start menu once you run setup.exe), and contain links which open Windows directories to wallpapers and MP3s (available by browsing the disc). Sorry that you're having trouble. The bulk of the special features, though, (trailers, commentary tracks, machinima shorts, etc) as I said earlier, are on the Video layer of the disc, which doesn't care what operating system you run!

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