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Seriously,where's the Earl Boen update for PC?

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It really shouldn't be taking this long for Telltale to do the Earl Boen update for PC. I mean, they've already done it for Mac, so what happened to the PC version? Surely it can't take that much longer to do than the Mac version, and the lines are already recorded anyways, so what's the big hold up?

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  • Maybe the disc. Then they'll release it at the same time.

  • That's too long from now to be okay in my books.

  • Get over it. It comes when it comes. Just be grateful it's coming at all.

    Is the Wii version getting updated as well.

  • Ahhh it sorta works anyway as Lechuck's all nicey nice til the last wee bit so it's like two characters (bar the intro, that "Harrrr harrr harrrrrrrrr!" was a bit poo compared to Boen's cackles)

  • I love that someone buys a game from a company that is notoriously cool to their fans, notoriously giving (coupons, discounts, free DVDs shipped with extras, a chance to try and then upgrade with zero penalty) and somehow we fans still think it's ok to make demands.

    In this case you had a company that went out and got us Earl Boen on their own dime after having already recorded lines. They're going to update it for free and put it into a game though they had no obligation to do it for any of us, and we still find a way to make it our inalienable right.

    The only people hovering around Tell Tale who really have a legit beef are the poor Bone fans. If the least we have to worry about is when a few lines of dialogue show up in a game that's still amazing without them--I think we're pretty solid.

  • I think we all need to be very patient, it's the least we can do for Telltale and Lucasarts after all they've done. In just one year, we will have one brand new Monkey Island game, and two faithful remakes, along with great prices and customer service, and we're lucky they are even bothering to give us back Earl Boen for the first chapter. They have been giving away a lot of stuff the past year and they keep taking our advice and making the games better, how many companies actually do that and do it in a very friendly manner? Not many.

    They are now working incredibly hard on making the DVD as flawless as possible. How can we say this is getting ridiculous after all they have given to us for low prices? Please, just have patience, they aren't purposely keeping it from us, they are just working very hard to make it the best it can be. Be grateful.

  • Yeah, the Telltale team does ALOT for the fans and we should be patient and gratefull.

  • I think it's ridiculous of you guys to say "hey, you can't complain, it's not fair."

    Yes, Telltale is awesome. We don't deny that.

    We just want Earl Boen's voice on Chapter 1, because we love his LeChuck voiceover work and we are excited about getting it. There's nothing wrong with that.

    Also, it doesn't compute for some how Telltale can release TMI for Mac with Earl Boen in Chapter 1 already and not have it for PC yet. Maybe they're waiting for the DVD launch to update the download. Maybe they'll only have it on the DVD and not on the download (though I doubt that.) Maybe we want a date given so we can count down the days to when we get it. Maybe Telltale doesn't want to give a date because they don't want deadlines. Maybe we want more information. Maybe they want it to be a surprise.

    We're just excited. Give us a break.

  • Maybe people will complain about anything and justify it without seeing it as selfish and me-centric?

  • @Chyron8472 said: I think it's ridiculous of you guys to say "hey, you can't complain, it's not fair."

    Beat me to the punch. If you don't complain then you certainly aren't listened to.

    Telltale are really cool and all... but if they cross me, by gum there'll be words had!

    Anyways, everyone here's just eager and excited. It's fantastic to know that even a change of a voice actor in a game that we've all played still generates excitement. it's a testament to Earl Boen, Monkey Island and the guys at Telltale and there Lucasarts predecessors

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