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Problem starting up MonkeyIsland on WinXP

posted by Funkybit on - last edited - Viewed by 159 users

Hi everyone!

First of all, I have the macheist bundle but want to play the game on a windows system.
I just installed MonkeyIsland - Launch of the screaming Narwhal on a Win XP system.
I entered my user account data in the first window of the starting window.
And then... well, a pictures says more than 1000 words ;)


It is a german OS, the message says:
IE Script Error
In this script at this site there was an error.
Object expected.
Would you like the script to be further executed? yes/no

Everytime I want to start the game this window appears and the error message.
No matter what I click or do... the message disappears but nothing happens at all and the window stayes emtpy with the TTG logo on it.
I reinstalled it a couple of times and even tried to clear parts of the registry ;)
But I just can't get back to the login screen to try the "get me to the demo" option and us the registration code.

Everytime this window opens, the windows task bar shows the title "success.thm" for the window, but it get stuck.

Help! :confused:
Any ideas, any suggestions?

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