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Can not download episode 5 of ToMI (Mac)

posted by oserve on - last edited - Viewed by 175 users

Hi everyone,
Like thousands of other persons, I have recently bought the macheist bundle, partly to enjoy guybrush new adventures on my mac.
Whereas I could download the first four chapters without any problem, I can not get the fifth chapter. Each time I tried, using Safari or Firefox, the download stick at 212 MB out of 228. Strangely, the download manager states that something is coming in, but my network monitor is pretty clear on that point : nothing is coming in.
Of course, it is not yet a problem, as I dit not reach this level of the adventures yet, but if someone at TellTales could take a look at this, I'll be thankful. (a ftp link ?)

Thanks for any help,

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