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The Devil's Playhouse Speculation Thread

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So! With the deluge of information that came about today, there's tons of stuff to speculate about in regards to the new season.

On thing that really piqued my interest was that shot of the game's main villains.


Obviously in the middle is General Skunkape, and next to him is the insect man/thing that was seen in the trailer. To the right of Skunkape is a small man wearing what I assume to be a tophat. No idea who he could be. Next to him looks like what could possibly Brady Culture due to the afro and the prominent nose.

Next to him, is what appears to be Stinky of all people! And even more interesting is that next to him there appear to be four figures that look remarkably like Sam! And then, there's the two giant pillars in the background, that upon closer inspection, appear to resemble Max's legs! There also seem to be 3 different versions of molepeople to the left of the smaller figure next to insect man!

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