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TOMI Mac-Saved Games wont load properly

posted by Blair230 on - Viewed by 101 users

I originally downloaded Ep 1 of TOMI for Mac. I played it a bit (for an hour or so) and saved. The game crashed the computer (had to hard reboot). I tried playing again and the save game did load up. After quitting, the computer crashed again.

I emailed telltale and they directed me to download the new updated verison. I did do that, and was able to load my saved game. The problem is, the inventory will not come up if I mouse over to the right side of the screen.

Is there any fix for this at all? The game no longer crashes, just the inventory does not appear. It does appear if I start a new game. Is this because the save games with the older version are not compatible with the update?

I would hate to have to start over again...

24"imac Core2Duo with 10.6.2. 4GB RAM and nvidia 8800gs.


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