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Getting new password for Sam and max orders

posted by ChodTheWacko on - last edited - Viewed by 184 users


I ordered Sam and max, Season 1.
I also forgot my password, and so I had to go through the manual activation to get that going.

It would be convenient for me, and Telltale, if there were a way to reset your order password, so I don't have to go through the same stuff for every future episode. And also if I happen to want to reinstall the stuff, too. (like say, on my laptop).

Just a suggestion.

- Frank

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  • Yeah, that'd be convenient for us, too. Unfortunately the password is stored with Digital River so we're limited in what we can do with it. But thank you for the suggestion.

    I can send you a password reminder manually. Assuming the email on your order is the same as the email on your forum account, I'll look up your order and do that right now.

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