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Request: Multilanguage forum

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Monkey Island and Sam & max have a many many many fans in spanish talkers people (go to and find monkey island in spanish pages for example)

We have a lot of webs with this. Then telltalle arribes with Monkey Island.. WOW. After many years a continuation of monkey island 4 !!

But.. IN ENGLISH !!!.

Well. another example ?. Sam & max season 2 (PC Version). I WAITING FOR TWO YEARS !!!!!!!. You have the new season 3 but the no english speakers cant play a season 2.

So. Please. You can make a few things please ?

1) Its a VERY GOOD IDEA a Multilanguage section in your telltale forum. Because we can discuss the new games and we can support the users with problems in game

2) Please. PLEASEE !!!. I not speak for dubbing (Its a very complicated process). But only subtitles (Like Wallace & Grommit). Its a good idea and we dont need to wait TWO YEARS and half for a traduction.

Try to understand. This two games have a lot of fans from the ms-dos times. Please we need your help for this.

And insist. A multilanguage forum is a very good idea. A Signal for no english speakers :)

So. Thanks for reading this and excuse me for my poor english

P.D: Good work and thanks for this beautiful and very funny games (In English :( )

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