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Missing S&M season 1 DVD

posted by glenfx on - last edited - Viewed by 153 users

Hey I sent an email to support last week but so far i havent got a reply about it.

I received early last week the package you guys sent me in january from the telltale contest (it arrived january 25th but couldnt pick it up until last week)
But checking at the content the season 1 DVD of Sam & Max is missing, it wasnt on the order form either so i think it wasnt included because of that.
So i was wondering if you guys forgot to include it in?.
(only received the poster and the animated series, the contest stated the DVD season 1 or 2 as well... in which i chosed "season 1 of S&M" but didnt come in the package)

PS: I was also wondering what are the possibilities (if you will be shipping the missing S&M season 1 DVD) of including the dvd of the preorder of TOMI (Tales of Monkey Island DVD with Steve Purcell slipcase) with it? ^^

Best Regards

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