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Buying Sam&Max in gifts to others.

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Hi there, Sam&Max Cultureshock was really great. I have ofcourse order the hole seasson and look forward to the other upcomming episodes. But i got some problems too. As for the link i download it from is lost and as im stupid i couldnt fint it anywhere, might come in handy when the other episodes is ready or if i somehow lost my own copy. Is it possible to find that link again, or do i get it when ep2 is comming by mail?

Anyway the other and most important issue is thats christmas comming. It would be asome to give the ones i like, admire, love, adore, dislikes, hate and so on something diffrent. Just so everyone can have a really sick and fun christmas with sam&max. :) (Might being hypnozise by Eye bo culture ... but i surely hope not :eek: )

Now thats the problem, i dosent want to order a new copy too me, i want the license to go too another person then me. How do this work? Can i just order a set of seasson boxes for example and lets say give copies away legal, or how should i do to make me the one how pay and the ones i like to give the game to, right to play as owners of the game?

Quite confused about this matter. Would be asome if its possible!
I can in another way just wait until sam & max reach the local stores if thats going to happend and buy them there as presents.

By the way, thanks for Sam&max reborn. It was asome to see those two in action again.

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  • We are hoping to introduce a gift certificate option in time for Christmas that would let you buy a gift subscription to Sam & Max for someone.

    In the meantime, the best way to buy a downloadable game as a gift for someone is to place an order for only that game, and create a password that you don't mind sharing. Then provide the person you bought it for with the order number and password so they can activate the game.

    Also, the download link for Culture Shock is, or you can just click the button to download the demo anywhere it appears on our website. The demo is actually the full version, with a small portion unlocked. If you've already activated the game on your computer the demo will probably unlock automatically; if it doesn't or if you're using a different computer, click "I've already purchased this" and follow the instructions.

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