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Telltale and Xbox

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It looks like Sam and Maxs new adventure won’t be on Xbox live, I hope this is not true, my PC is old and only used for office work, and I love playing both the originals on the xbox (even if I do wish they would release a mouse), and I was hoping that Tales of Monkey Island would eventually join them. I have heard that Lechucks revenge will be going to Xbox live (and im hoping they continue with 3 and even 4), It would be a shame not to have the whole set saved on the consol. It’s nice to have great quality games available all the time, no looking for disks, none of the PCs tendencies to die.

Has Telltale and Xbox had a falling out? if so I hope they patch things up soon, and that XBL keeps throwing money at ttg until they get a copy for us to download.

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  • Nah I don't think so.. nothing announced yet, but TellTale have started releasing games on the PC and one console at the same time during the initial release, then releasing elsewhere by the look of it

    I strongly suspect we'll see W&G and ToMI on PS3, and S&M3 and ToMI on XBLA soon enough :)

    I dunno about Strong Bad though.. :(

  • It simply makes more sense to release the games as the previous two seasons have been, as a complete package. Releasing the episodes alone costs the customer more, causing less sales.

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