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LucasArts are recruiting?

posted by Griswald Goodsoup on - Viewed by 87 users

I came across this the other day while checking the LucasArts site for LCR:SE news. To my surprise there was a link in the header that read: "JOIN THE FORCE We're scouring the galaxy for engineers, artists and designers. If you think you have what it takes Apply Now"

Being innately cynical I immediately imagined LA as having hatched some cool concept art, coloured it in, then uploaded it on their homepage claiming to have started on an LCR special edition. Added with the call for talented artists, etc sounded like LucasArts was hard pressed to provide tangible results as opposed to expert advertising.

Anyway I'm hoping this call doesn't do any injustice to LCR:SE like LA did to SOMI:SE.
This better not be some Jedi mind-trick, as LucasArts is incredibly cunning at.
No gimmicks please...

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