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No Love for Wii?

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Out of curiosity, why is it that Season 2 took so much longer to appear on the Wii than on any other console? And Season 3 apparently won't be on the Wii at all? That's rather disappointing to me as I love playing point-and-click adventure games with the Wiimote.

Oh well, if nothing else, I can still buy them for the PC or PS3. I just wonder why Nintendo's getting the shaft here.

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  • Atari, the game's publisher, chose when to release the game, and they chose just now. The delay may be partially related to the fact that, right in the middle of publishing Season 2 Wii, they were sidetracked by being partially bought by Namco/Bandai. It wasn't our call, but we're happy to see the game out!

    Also, we haven't announced any platforms for Devil's Playhouse beyond PC/Mac/PS3, but that doesn't mean they won't make their way there eventually. When Season 2 was announced, it was PC only, but that hasn't stopped the game from coming to 360 and Wii. We want to get our games onto as many platforms as possible, but we're only so many people :)

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