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Comic Books?

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I was just curious how many Telltale gamers were also comic book fans.

I've been reading a lot of DC over the past couple of months, mostly thanks to their mega-event Blackest Night. I've enjoyed that a ton!

This could also be like... A general comics discussion thread if people like!

What about you?

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  • I generally only read american comic books in one-shots, miniseries, and trade paperback collections. I very rarely buy new issues of a comic as they're coming out.

  • I've read Watchmen and Sam and Max


  • I read webcomics and graphic novels. And manga.

  • I tried to follow the Muppet Show Comic Books, but, living where I live... I'm waiting for a grand omnibus-like edition and order it from Amazon.

    I mostly read manga. Now I read One Piece, Billy Bat, Bakuman and Nana-mix. I also had some Asterix albums. I tried to find Lucky Luke and Smurfs ones, but looks like Belgian comics aren't that popular in Chile. I also had some Chilean Comics (I won the first 5 numbers of the Caleuche Magazine in a comic contest :D), but the Comic industry here is undead now, mostly because the artists live in the past.

    I also have 3 Webcomics in Spanish and I sent an entry to the Morning International Comic Competition, but I don't think I'll never win something. ;)

  • I'm a big Scott Pilgrim fan! It's epic!
    Also I have finished Watchmen and added Kick Ass recently to my "done readin" list. I tried to read The Spirit, but it was kind of too random for me.
    Don't know if manga fit into "comics" since in my world comics are kind of a western thing, but I do enjoy a lot of them.
    When its about webcomics, I really love "Girl Genius" before it kind they kind of split up the comic and made an own spinoff with exact the same characters... or something (I didn't get it).

  • I've recently read: Spider-man Noir, Daredevil Noir, X-Men Noir and Wolverine Noir. All of which are pretty rad, I enjoyed Spidey and Daredevil the most. They are all wonderfully dark, as the Noir series would suggest.

  • I usually read non-DC or Marvel. Or from imprints like ABC and Vertigo. Stuff like Transmetropolitan, Bone, Fables, every ABC book especially League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Tick, Scott Pilgrim, Hellboy, Madman, etc.

  • I read japanese manga and some american comics

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    Majus Telltale Staff

    Besides Scott Pilgrim I love »The Life & Times Of Scrooge McDuck«. Don Rosa is brilliant!

  • The comics on my book shelf from left to right:
    Scott Pilgrim vol. 5- vol. 1
    Order of the Stick vol. 0 - vol. -1

    I keep Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway within reach of my desk in case I want to check something, otherwise it'd be to the left of Scott Pilgrim.

    I shelve my comics in order of how serious they are, because I'm awesome.

    I read a bunch of Asterix comics when I was fifteen, and I really enjoyed them. Maybe I should buy some.

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