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Sam & Max Magazine Review

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Anyone else pick up a copy of 'Computer Games' magazine this month? It's got a great review of 'Sam & Max Episode 1: Culture Shock'. They really liked it, they gave it four out of five stars!

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  • I was wondering how much press Sam and Max will get in magazine's since the episode will be coming out monthly. Since print deadlines are so far ahead of publication, a magazine will have a review of episode 3 while most people will be playing episode 4.

  • We have quite a few magazines on the list to receive review copies of episode 2. ;)

    Marketing these games is an interesting challenge. Starting right after episode 2, they'll come out so close together, there's hardly any breathing room! I'm really interested to see how the press covers it.

  • They may wait til the entire season is out..

  • In the magazine i've read they've tested the game on the website but spared themself the test in the magazine. I think i would do the same and spare myself a real test for each episode and do a) one for half of the season or b) when the cd version is finally finished.

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