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Bone Works, Sam and Max Doesn't

posted by monsterBlues on - last edited - Viewed by 426 users

Firstly thank you for making such incredible games, as a fellow developer I know how much work goes into game development.

I purchased the Bone Bundle and the Sam and Max season at the same time.

Both Bone games activated no problemo. (With Order number and Password)

Sam and Max: Culture Shock won't activate with my order number and password. I downloaded the demo from the website, just like I did with the Bone games. I e-mailed support@telltale and got an activation key. Using the activation key and name didn't activate the game either. In my Telltale Options screen it shows that I purchased the season.

Thank you for any help you can give me, and let me know if you need more info from me. I can't wait to play this game!

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  • Who sent you the key - was it me or Terry? I am trying to find your email in the support system but the only one I can find is one Terry responded to about eight hours ago, that does not have an activation key included.

    As Terry mentioned in his email, make sure you click Activation Support in Sam & Max and send the hardware fingerprint from that game. It isn't the same as the hardware fingerprint that displays with the Bone games. You can either email that in to us, or send it to me in a PM.

    Also, what happens when you try to use your order number and password in Sam & Max? Are you getting an error message?

  • Thank you for your help.

    I was sent the activation key by, although I only sent an e-mail to I'm [issue-576]. I did generate the hardware print from Sam and Max.

    Actually I just realised the e-mail from digitalriver may not be about the support issue, but just about my purchase. It just confusing because it's 4 days after my purchase, while the confirmation e-mail was instant.

    I don't really know. I'll just PM you my name, order #, and Hardware print from Sam and Max.

    Again, thanks for the help, I can't wait to buy more games from you.

  • Also, the error when I put in my ORDER#/PASSWORD, is that my NAME/KEY isn't valid.

  • Did you receive an email back from That's the email I referred to, from Terry. Please check your spam folder. Gmail is tagging a lot of our emails as spam.

    [quote]I was sent the activation key by[/quote]

    Did you contact them first? If so, please tell me where you saw DigitalRiver's email address (on our website? In the game?) We are trying to drive all support emails to, so if you let us know where you saw DR's email address, we can change it.

    Also, if you could forward the emails you received from Digital River to me (emily -at-, that would help me see what's going wrong here. Thanks.

  • I didn't get an e-mail from (I checked the spam folder also).

    I never e-mailed digitalriver regarding support, but I did see their e-mail address in Sam and Max:

    -Launch Sam and Max.
    -Click on "I've already Purchased the game."
    -Click on "Click Here" at the bottom.
    -Choose Option 3 from FAQ window.

    Hope that helps. I can't wait for more fun from you guys.

  • BTW, my game works now!! This is quite possibly the best day of my life.

  • @monsterBlues said: I didn't get an e-mail from (I checked the spam folder also).

    Strange, because he did send it. Sigh.

    Thanks for the email, I just sent you a follow up question. Glad the game is working, have fun with it!

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