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Monkey Island Caption Contest #17: The Good, the Bad, and the Captions

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I tried to get away with this week's prizes, but Edward vanHelgen found me out, so I'll be bringing it back. And here is the post it's awarded to:
@StarEye said: captions16a.png

Judge: If this is five, what's this?
Guybrush: Wrong game.


Welcome to the house of Wax.

Yes, StarEye won both pictures, and thus his prize is Glory Everlasting. Also:
An epic moustache!

The Hall of Fame:
StarEye x3 + 1 Glory Everlasting!
puzzlebox x3
Secret Fawful x3
hplikelike x3
Thriftweed Fancy Pants x2
SilverWolfPet x2
Jen Kollic x2
haydenwce27 x2
FitzoliverJ x1
skitty85 x1
prizna x1
TomPravetz x1
Trenchfoot x1
MaxFan x1
Nosehair x1
CaptnDan x1
Hassat Hunter x1
Dadel x1
Some Manner Of... x1

PM me if you have a picture for the next caption contest. May be fanart too, as long as it's your own.

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