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Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

posted by kaptein_kaffe on - Viewed by 35 users

I came across a very interesting presentation about how gamers are a in fact valuable resource for inventing ideas. The clip is about 20 minutes long so you might think that there are more productive ways of spending your time, but just watch it for 3 minutes and turn it off if it doesn't raise any interest. I have a feeling that most of you will find it interesting.

If you look at game developers like valve and blizzard you can clearly see how they use the consumers of their products to build better games. Telltale does this as well but in a different context considering that it's strictly within the point and click genre. The problems we're addressed with in terms of gameplay are usually more linear with very specific answers. We do raise a lot of questions when we're playing these games but the answer we're chasing to make an impact on the story has to be the right one.

That's just my two cents. The attempt is to try and raise a discussion, not to sound like a douchebag :D

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