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SBCG4AP audio problems

posted by meatball22 on - last edited - Viewed by 63 users

I'm having trouble with the audio for SBCG4AP episode one. The sound will often stop in the middle of a piece of dialogue. I have the season DVD. Should I install that version instead of trying to play the downloadable episodes from the site?


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  • The version between dvd and downloadable shouldn't really be any different. Could you try updating your DirectX and audio drivers?

    It's probably also worth making sure that you have no other programs running when you play the game, and you might want to play at a smaller resolution.

  • with SBCG4AP EP3 i'm having a similar problem - the sound is generally fine, but when half of the time - talk lines start off in the middle. for example

    instaed of "Saving the load Saving the load"
    strong bad woudl say "....e load saving the load"

    i reinstalled the directx. i have NOTHING else running.

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