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Re: Shiping to Australia

posted by Djdoug on - last edited - Viewed by 96 users

Hey guys,

I was excited to buy a shirt and the strong bad dvd set. Was excited to know it only came to the $40 mark.

But however my enjoyment shortly died once I saw the cheapest option for shipping was $36US which is almost the same price of my items.

Why is it so much when I buy dvds, cds, shirts from amazon and only comes around the $15US mark and that comes within a week?

Is there any coupons I could use to lower the cost of shipping? or offer standard international shipping?

Thanks in advance

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  • I ended up just buying the shirt.. even that was $15 shipping so its another $16 to add a couple of dvds? Telltale your better than this.

  • Yeah, the shipping prices have gone up quite a lot in the last six months or so. Unfortunately, a lot of it is out of Telltale's control.

    Best thing is to wait until they have a "free shipping sale" and then order all the physical things you want at that point :)

    (e.g. I'm getting my W&G DVD and ToMI DVD shipped, and bought S&MS3 at the same time to push it over $50. Oh and a t-shirt).

  • Yeah, I was thinking about ordering a few things for 35$ and the cheapest shipping price is 35$ (to Sweden), as much as the whole order! Have no idea how the shipping can be that much since I have ordered much bigger and heaver things from other places (with the same shipping method) for much less

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