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Graphic problem (Mac)

posted by Lebostein on - last edited - Viewed by 158 users


here on my Mac the colours of textures are flickering. Looks like a 256 colour gif movie. What is that?

Other problems:

- Antialiasing on MacBook Pro don't work
- I see white lines between textures frequently
- In main menu keyboard navigation don't work!
- If I press ESC in intro, then the game crashes
- Why you add a virtual stick for iPad but not supporting the two-finger-touch (max's first person view) on MacBook?

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  • Other problem:

    Why I can't set the graphic details manually? In Graphicmode 1 - 6 the game runs very, very fast, without jerking and lags. If I set Graphicmode 7, then the game is unplayable slow now! I think it is the depth of sharpness and not the activated shadows in mode 7. No chance to play the game with shadows and without depth of sharpness. :mad:

  • I must revise my previous post. Inside the spaceship the game runs fast only. On the street near the landet spaceship the game is unplayable slow with graphic detail mode 1 too... :confused:

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