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Tales Of Monkey Island Rip off? + small review

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Hi guys :3 You might remmeber me from before, I use to be a lot on the Sam and Max forums when it was hot from the presses. Ive been saving up my pennys to purchase the new Monkey Island and I just finished playing was fantastic! Great stuff Telltale, you did the game justice after all this time. Monkey island 4 let me down a lot but this was perfect. Its also nice to see a more serious theme to the game? I always felt like Guybrush didn't seem phased at all, but this game kinda made me feel like it was a mix of Grim Fandango serious mood with Monkey island, espeically the death of Morgon and the death of Lola. I liked the dirty looks Guybrush gives Morgon when she
betrays him and Guybrush and Morgons death's both almost had me in tears, even if there is a after life watching Guybrush die and be thrown around like a ragdoll too weak to move its really changed the mood in a good way. The game kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Loved the change in bad guys for once, De singe was a colourful character. Telltale has a lovley way in keeping things fresh, new and exciting. However I found the game weirdly easy unlike Sam and Max. Sam and Max was super hard for me, I always needed the hint system, however the last episode was rather hard (I needed the walkthrough in this episode)...and I know Telltale listens to its customers, so perhaps others felt the same? Anyway I wanted to leave this quick review in case Telltale decides to read this, I think they deserve a pat on the back for this excellent game. Thanks Telltale, can't wait for the new Sam and Max and maybe a Tales of Monkey Island season 2?

nvm :c sorry mister bill

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