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Sam & Max: The Penal Zone crashes

posted by rct2guy on - last edited - Viewed by 171 users

I've looked around, and while I don't have many specifics on the problem, none of the other threads seemed to pertain to my issue. Sam & Max seems to crash for no reason while I'm playing. This has happened more than once. I am running Windows 7, if it matters. There doesn't seem to be certain circumstances for it to occur, as most of these other crash results do, but I don't really remember either. I'll try to get more information later, but I thought you might like to be aware that there is another issue.

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  • I had the same problem and did the following:

    - updated drivers and directx
    - lowered graphic quality level
    - added more memory to my permanent swapfile

    Since telltale games are extremely memory intensive I think you should at first try to let windows handle the management of the swap file to see if the error persists. Updating drivers is always the first step. Turn down the resolution and quailty and see if the game still crashes.

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