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Sam and Max Season 3 Download Link

posted by D1G1TALR0N1N on - last edited - Viewed by 176 users

Hi Guys,
I just purchased S&M S3 (first time buyer from TTG) and got the confirmation email along with 2 serial key's, just was wondering where I would go about downloading episode 1 as "Past Purchases" tab only shows the Devil's Playhouse invoice and nothing related to;

"Hey! Look at all this stuff you bought! Here are all the orders you've placed with us, with download links for your games right up top. or under 'Your Games!' banner"

I'm not in a rush to play it as I'm still going through season 2 via Steam but was just wondering where this link is.


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  • Did you purchase the games using the account you're currently logged into (D1G1TALR0N1N)? If so, click here to go to the My Telltale page and it should have download links for the game there. This page can also be accessed by clicking the joystick to the top right of the page.

    If not, you might have purchased your games on a different account (the email you used when purchasing the games), so log into that and then go to My Telltale. Your games should appear like so:


    If unsuccessful, email with the order number and the email address on your My Telltale account and they'll link them up for you.

  • Yeah, I purchased it using this account and used my friends paypal account - All I see is this, it's weird since I had the serial numbers emailed to me but not show up here;


    But looks like I'll email support.

  • Actually, just had a thought. If you know the serial numbers then you should be able to download the demo and unlock the game through there. This is the PC demo and this is the Mac demo.

    I'm not sure why it isn't showing up on your account, though. Maybe the PayPal payment hasn't fully processed? It's worth emailing support like you're doing anyway.

  • if you have a steamaccount with TF2 you can go to

    and get a serial number for steam that also unlocks 3 TF2-items.

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