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The Songs of the Jukebox

posted by GinnyN on - last edited - Viewed by 137 users

The Telltale Sound Extractor got updated today and I started to rip and tag the diferent song for waiting the day of buying the Soundtrack CD, waiting a month and then rip them again from the actual CD.

Anyway, I just notice there's 11 songs in Stinky's Jukebox and I can't get one. Here's the list:

1- The Big Stinker
2- The Friendly Demon Song
3- More than Jerks
4- You and me and Ted E. Bear
5- Good for You (Good for Me)
6- Useful to Boot
7- World of Max
8- (The One I don't know which one is!)
9- Radical!
10- The Rapa Nui Choo Choo
11- Bee Party (From W&G)

Can Somebody tell me which song is the one I'm missing?. I'm guessing is from Bone, because is the only game I hadn't play (And Strong Bad), any help?

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