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Sam and Max game stopping Glitch (possible spoilers)

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Also this is season 3 for PS3 ok, I started a new game so I can get the Specs, so I was rushing through it, and when I got to the diner part, I did somethings in there, so now I needed to give the hard hat to that cop guy, the only problem is he was not there, but when I walked in the camera zooms in on his table and he says his lines, but still he and his food was not there, so I could not give him the hat. I tried restarting from the autosave, but it did not work, It would force you to restart the game from the beginning.

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  • Oh, I don't remember using them in the ship, since I was hurrying through this playthough, I tried to skip most optional stuff, I know I got the broth from grandpa stinky. However, why did Flint still have his dialogue? (Note, I cannot confirm if use the future vision, would trigger the scene since, I loaded my other save after, which overwrite this one as the autosave, so I know longer have the second playthrough one, since I figured out the Specs transfers over to all saves.)

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