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A few glitches in S&M 301

posted by jhuddy on - last edited - Viewed by 124 users

First off TT let me just say great job on the new season so far! It might just be my favorite of your games to date! But just a few things i think you should look into (If you aren't already.) Ok its just a few of the characters glitching all over the place, like stinky in the intro. She is constantly going from a choppy standing/sitting position when she is on screen in the weirdest looking way. Flint paper in Stinky's dinner has the same problem except he doesn't stand and sit, he just becomes REALLY choppy when he moves. So that's all i have for you. Nothing big, but it kinda takes you out of the experience a little.

Thanks for the new season!


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  • I saw several odd problems like this when playing the game. The only one I can remember off the top of my head though was that Max had a habit of suddenly floating in mid air as about twice Sam's height from the ground. I am using graphics quality 3 if that makes any difference. It made some of the lighting effects on textures act very odd sometimes.

  • My graphics are set to 9 and stinky was still being choppy in the intro. I don't recall running into any other choppy bits so far past that point though so I let it slide.

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