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Things that your significant other do that bring your piss to a boil.

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I started thinking about it & realised that my (soon to be) wife does alot of shit that just drives me up the wall. I mean I love her & never would intentionally hurt her, but sometimes I just feel like slapping the piss out of her & I'm sure that I can't be the only one (male or female) that goes through this. For example... about two weeks ago, I had a very important show that I really NEEDED to be at. So I get in the car to find out that it is out of gas... even more shocking, I just put $40 in the damn thing the day before. I hadn't used the car since then, but SHE went to Walmart that night. Obviously I questioned her about it & long story short, she left the car running all night. That pissed me off, but what sent me into demonic fury is that (off course) I couldn't get a ride to the show & was forced to no-show costing me not only a $50 paycheck, but my first championship as well (I was booked to win the promotion's midcard title).

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