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SoMI / SoMI:SE DVD case boxart

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Can you guys make DVD case art (front, back and spine) for The Secret of Monkey Island or The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition?

I can find artwork from the original Purcell-drawn box for the front and back, but not the spine (not from running a google image search anyway.) Also, I don't believe back or spine artwork exists yet for SMI:SE (though for the front, I much prefer the art Parabolee made over the official one.)

Okay, so here's the deal. I've made an offline installer for SMI:SE in the interest of having a hardcopy on DVD-R, for which I plan on putting together a DVD case to place it in. However, I'm not that great at making or photoshopping the art for the label so I kinda need help. Also, I thought you guys might have fun with it.

So far as I've gathered, the dimensions for a DVD case label are:


[*]Height = 7.25in = 184.15mm
[*]Width = 10.3125in (105/16 in) = 261.9375mm

[*]Width = 5.125in (101/8 in) = 130.175mm

[*]Width = 0.6875in (11/16in)= 17.4625mm

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