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CSI: Deadly Intent - Weird mouse issue

posted by jdrehm on - last edited - Viewed by 204 users

Hello, all,

First of all, I was quite enjoying this game so far.

However...I'm having a problem now. Currently, I'm on Case #3; I got through the first two cases without a hitch. Now though, I can get into the game, play for a while and then all of a sudden my mouse cursor will just slide down to the bottom left or right corner, and I can't even move it enough to exit the game; end up having to press Alt+F4.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit; my DirectX is 11 (as up to date as possible), all my graphics drivers are up to date. I've tried running the program in compatibility mode, tried using my mouse on a different surface, but nothing seems to work. :(

I'm disappointed at the moment, as like I said I'm enjoying the game...would be a shame if I can't finish it.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Edit: I should also say that CSI is the only game that I'm having trouble with; I have several other games installed that work perfectly with no mouse issues.

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