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Other forums can't compete with the TTG fanbase

posted by Silverwolfpet on - last edited - Viewed by 752 users

Hey guys!

I was skipping through a game forum, very big fanbase, huuuuge forum, and I noticed an announcement from the staff (I'll just paste here the short important things):

(...) If your idea for a thread has no basis for rational discussion, don't post it.

Furthermore, to EVERYONE who responds to any thread in this section, stop and think "Is this spam? Is this purely a joke post?" If the answer is yes, then don't post. This forum is not being paid for by -------- to provide practice for your burgeoning aspirations of being a comedian.

:( Dude, it's a game forum... it's a community of people who like to PLAY games... play = fun. Joke posts are funny!
I don't want to "be careful" what I post, as long as it's for fun and it's not offensive. One more reason to stick with Telltale (as if we didn't have enough reasons:p). They place the focus on fun and good manners, unlike other places where you can't share your opinion unless it's filtered and analyzed by the staff.
What do you guys think? I know that certain places have certain rules...but being serious on a GAME forum?! C'mooooon!

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