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Monkey Island Caption Contest #18: Insults and Infernos

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Thanks to Hayden reminding me, we finally have a new contest, this time focussing on the MI game it has had the least pictures of: Escape from Monkey Island. But first, the winners:

@prizna said: Untitled-1-4.jpg

Lechuck: "oops" I think I forgot to attach the other end of the cord to the cliff.

Guybrush: WHAT!!!!

@prizna said: 15dxg60.gifGuybrush Threepwood was found at the bottom of a cliff. Someone had thrown him off of it, then shot him, stabbed him, hung him, and beat him with a pipe, a candlestick, and a monkey hypnotized as a wrench. The accused? The Dread Pirate LeChuck. The greatest pirate detectives have gathered and pieced together possible events leading up to the murder.

captions17b.jpgLeChuck: Madness? THIS...IS...SPARTA!
Guybrush: Okay, LeChuck, this time you took your King Leonidas impression a little TOO FARRRRRR!

1zn0fuv.png2elfcbn.pngcaptions17b.jpgLeChuck: Not a bad Wile E. Coyote, but really Guybrush. There's playacting and then there's living the part.



The experts have determined that the culprit was not LeChuck, just incredible stupidity.

Congratulations! You both get:
A "thank you" note in your local newspaper!

The Hall of Fame:
Secret Fawful x4
StarEye x3 + 1 Glory Everlasting!
puzzlebox x3
hplikelike x3
Thriftweed Fancy Pants x2
SilverWolfPet x2
Jen Kollic x2
haydenwce27 x2
prizna x2
FitzoliverJ x2
skitty85 x1
TomPravetz x1
Trenchfoot x1
MaxFan x1
Nosehair x1
CaptnDan x1
Hassat Hunter x1
Dadel x1
Some Manner Of... x1

PM me if you have a picture for the next caption contest. May be fanart too, as long as it's your own.

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