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evidence tags

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When you collect a piece of evidence that you do not have to process further e.g. some documents, why do you have to drag and drop it on your CSI partner to get the 'finished with' red evidence tag? Surely, this could/should appear automatically

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    i just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for me... i bought CSI:3 and when i go to install it, it freezes and wont let me do anything.. i got intouch with Ubisoft and they havent got back to me yet, and being a top CSI fan, i am desperate to play the game


  • Welcome to the forum, both of you. :)

    Emkwizzard, good point about the evidence tags. Of course, when you first have those things in your inventory, they HAVEN'T been processed yet -- so it wouldn't really make sense to show them as already processed yet, either. Have you played the other CSI games? I'm wondering how they handled this issue (I don't remember).

    Spud, sorry to hear you're having trouble. At what point is the freeze happening? You might try turning off any background programs (like a virus scanner or instant messaging) before trying to install the game.

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    I couldn’t remember how the other games handled this either, so I played part of a game from the first CSI game and discovered two things. Firstly you didn’t have the option of putting the evidence on the various machines yourself, you had to drop everything on to Greg who put them on the computer, microscope or whatever for you. Secondly there were not that many pieces of evidence that didn’t need processing i.e. they would either be trace or have further trace evidence on them.

    A have further question.

    When you drop some of the evidence on to the CSI partner, they make the comment of ‘running it by Brass’. Now I took that to mean that if I went back to Brass I could get further information from him, but it seems that sometimes you can go back to Brass and there is nothing further he can tell you. So what does the CSI partner comment mean?

    I have also found an inconsistency. In Daddy’s Girl: Interview Lucy and get her DNA and the blood from the letter opener. Then place both specimens on the DNA analyser and Sara tells you ‘Sure these match but we don’t know what these items are so it doesn’t get us anywhere. We need to match one of these with something we know’ Yet we know one of them is Lucy’s DNA. I can understand that message in the context of comparing the blood samples from Carrie’s apartment but not for this.

    On the whole I would also like to say I am enjoying the game although I do have some gripes about it. It seems to take for ever to go from one scene to the next which I guess is due to swapping stuff in and out of memory which could explain why it crashes after I’ve been running it for a while with either low virtual memory or cannot create audio buffer errors. I’m assuming that is also why the audio and the video don’t match sometimes. Also if I leave my computer on standby after playing the game, when I go back to it, it seems to have gone off into limboland – i.e. not responding to anything but not fully on standby so that I have to switch of the power completely to get the computer back.

  • I think in both cases those are messages that made sense at a certain point of the game, but once something else happens (like getting the info from Brass), the comment is no longer quite right. It's something we try to avoid but a few must have slipped through the cracks!

    Once you've already spoken to Brass about the evidence, the comment should instead be "We've already done everything we can with that item."

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