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Where is Flint Paper? Bug?

posted by Kevadu on - last edited - Viewed by 139 users

OK, I am playing through The Devil's Playhouse part 1 for the first time on my PS3. I'm still trying to revive the alien brain and have been completely stuck. Stuck enough that I eventually started reading some walkthroughs...

Well, the walkthroughs all say that I need to use future vision on Flint Paper in Stinky's Diner. Slight problem, though: Flint Paper isn't in Stinky's Diner. He isn't anywhere. Oddly enough, sometimes when I enter there is a gruff voice saying 'Heya furry pals' (or something like that), but that voice isn't attached to anyone...I already gave grampa Stinky the lottery ticket so the only person in the diner is Stinky. He's supposed to be in one of the booths, right? Not a soul there.

So am I missing something (something not in the walkthroughs...) or is this a bug? And if it is a bug, what do I do about it?

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  • You aren't the first, so there is definite a bug here. But yeah, try what Shwoo said.

    I wonder if it happens if you use future vision on Sam instead of the brain, getting the same vision of the requirements for revival, but not setting the correct state for Flint to appear? (just speculating)

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