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Shading Stripes and Blocks. [graphics setting 3 or below]

posted by Ezny on - last edited - Viewed by 194 users

So, as many of you may have already noticed, when the graphics settings are put below 4, there are dramatic dark or light stripes and random shapes that will appear from time to time on your playable characters.

Particularly, when speaking to Momma Bosco.

Dear Telltale Games,

Is there any way you could possibly disable whatever causes these jarring stripes and shapes when the graphics settings are placed at 3 or below? I only ask because my computer will not run at 4 or above very efficiently, to the point where the lipsynching does not even match up properly. I'm sure Im not the only one.

I still think the game looks absolutely great at 3, 2, or even 1 to an extent. But when these impossible to miss contrasts in lighting show up on Sam and Max, it's just... de-immersing.. [not sure that's a word] but it throws me out of the story and environment so much that I may become distracted to the point where I miss part of the story or I don't laugh at a joke because I'm genuinely bummed out about these awful shapes on my buddies.

A great example is when you're speaking to Momma Bosco, it looks like part of Sam's skull has been hollowed out or something and his face isn't looking too good either.

I would rather have them look light slightly out of place due to improper lighting than have these really ugly stripes and blocks scattered all over the models... I don't want to ramble I think you get what I'm saying, probably 2 paragraphs ago...

I'm simply asking if there's ANY way to have this lighting feature atuomatically disable itself when running at lower graphics settings [or even manually would be fine] so that I'm not forced to see them? I put up with it through W&G but I would hate to see this bug enter the world of S&M.

Anyone feel the same way or have something to add? I hate to complain, I really do because I love what you guys are doing and have done in the past, but I just can't seem to let this one go.

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