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Who'd like to see native Linux ports?

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I've read through some blog comments and also looked at some forum threads, and it seem that not just a few people would like to see native ports to the Linux platform. Since the engine itself is already ported to OpenGL, it shouldn't be too hard to port the audio and control stuff to SDL, if it is well abstracted already. I'd like to know you opinions on this, and preferably also the thoughts if the developers, if they are reading this thread. Personally I'd like to see Sam & Max and Monkey Island seasons ported.

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  • In my household, I tend to put Windows on newer computers and Linux on older computers, which helps extend their lives a bit. So while I'd like to see Telltale games on Linux, I'm a little worried my Linux computers may not be up to spec for them.

    (Alas, I'm also a realist when it comes to how much it costs to get something working, and then officially support it, when the market isn't huge.)

  • I voted for the second option. I would like it and use it. However I also only play the games on a different platform, but that's because I don't have the option.
    But that doesn't mean I demand it, I'm just saying that I'd use t if it existed, that's all.

  • I would like it, but probably never use it anyway, mostly because I'm stuck with Windows.

  • Gaming was one of the two big reasons why I couldn't fully switch to Linux. The other is music production. Linux music production tools suck. All of them. And only a few programs work decently in WINE. And Sonar, which I use, isn't supported at all in WINE.

  • As just an average joe I really have no reason to be using Linux at all, everything I wanna do I can do perfectly fine in Windows. Once upon a time I tried Knoppix out of curiosity, it didn't exactly win me over to say the least

  • No, i want see the engine improve on the existing platforms instead, especially the Mac could need quite some improvements.

  • @taumel said: No, i want see the engine improve on the existing platforms instead, especially the Mac could need quite some improvements.

    Def, Mac users should be getting the love before Linux users... because Linux users inflict the pain on themselves voluntarily :p

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    That's the second worst idea ever I ever read.
    It will be a nightmare to build and maintain, not to say support considering the staggering amount of distros and variations (do you have the library xyz.rpm version or or ...), configurations and mis-configurations.

    I would have chosen "D": Not right now, maybe when the Linux folks standardize the basic OS and moves towards mainstream usage.

    or "E": Not now, optimize what you have then spread to new platforms.

    or most likely "D" and "E"

  • As with all linux programs, one program will work on any distribution. Linux isn't built the same way other operating systems are. It doesn't matter what distribution you have. Any Linux program will work (or, any Linux source will compile).

  • On one hand i'm too lazy to switch to Linux, on the other hand, games are what keeps me using Windows (at home). I know there is WINE, but still, windows is more convenient for games, because most run natively there.

    I still would like more Games running natively on Linux, so i choose Option 2.

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