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Pre-order S&M S3 Bonus

posted by Rynelan on - last edited - Viewed by 140 users

When I've pre-ordered I've read that you are able to download one random episode for free.

Now I want to download one, but I can't find anything on how to get one for free.

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  • Take a close look at your order confirmation email; some way down is a list listing your pre-order perks, including the following one:

    [quote]2.) You get a coupon code good for one free Telltale episode:


    Enter the code in your cart to get your free game! This coupon code is valid now through December 31, 2010.[/quote]

    Just order a single episode in the store and enter the coupon code to get the price reduced to zero.

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  • Wow I totally missed that..

    Thanks god I saved that email.. thanks!!

  • @Rynelan said: Thanks god I saved that email.. thanks!!

    "Saved"? :confused:

    It always puzzles me when people delete email that's not spam, especially when it's directly connected to stuff they paid for... ;)

    *looks at 2.6GB of mail that accumulated over the years on his server*

    (Though I have to admit the biggest chunk comes from mailing lists - but hey, disk space is dirt cheap these days...)

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  • I never delete mail. Got 2Gig and 230 unread mails, but whatever.

    Why delete anything with Gmail?

  • If I save every mail I recieve.. I'll go crazy..

    [quote]especially when it's directly connected to stuff they paid for... [/quote]
    I keep the mail, until I've recieved everything and it's all done. Unless I need to keep it for guarantee.. or special coupon codes :rolleyes:

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