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Sam & Max Season 2 DVD - Subtitles?

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I'm an english learner and I don't really understand spoken english. I bought the DVD, thinking it would have the subtitles, because they are available in the games. So are there any subtitles on the Telltale website for the commentaries on the DVD? Thanks in advance. :)

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  • Sadly enough; no.
    I would have also liked subs (albeit for a different reason...)

  • Yeah, I'm thinking also about people who have audition problems! But well, the DVD bonuses are free, you just pay for the Season, so I guess the most important thing is that the game is subtitled. However, if someone suddenly feels the urge needing of helping people, please, help us. For a better America.

  • Do you mean, like, for someone to transcribe the bonuses? Because after exams I have about 144 hours of free time.

  • Wow, that would be great. Thanks. :)

  • Sorry, but I'm upping that thread. :)

  • Well... I know this is unnerving but I don't want this thread to fall into oblivion...

  • Okay, I'll help you. Hadn't noticed this thread before so I guess it's a good thing you bumped it! I'm going to be busy for the next week or so, but after that I can do some transcribing. I've made subtitles before so I can give you a synchronised file, do you prefer .srt or .sub?

    Is anyone taking care of any of the commentaries? I'd rather not work on something someone else is already doing...

    Oh, and I'll probably get lazy and just do a transcript and not synchronise it for a super long time so you should be prepared for that.

  • Oooh, thank you so much! In fact if you just make a transcript, you don't need any special file extension, am I right? But if you do synchronized subtitles, I'd prefer them on .srt. But it's not just about me, but for all the people with audition deficiencies and/or who are English learners.

    Your work would be very important. :) Thank you!

  • I started giving a listen to 201's commentary, so in the unlikely event that someone else decides to transcribe stuff, dibs on that episode.
    I think I'll listen to it a few times today, then after that every day I'll transcribe a little bit of it every day if I think about it.
    I'll be going to Vancouver this weekend (leaving on Saturday, back on Wednesday) and won't accomplish anything whatsoever during that time (half of which will be spent just sitting in a bus anyways... Although, if anyone knows how to extract the commentary as mp3s I can do that on the bus. Would keep me busy).

    EDIT: I have better things to do, so of course I transcripted four minutes of it. I'm stopping for today but also I need to listen to Jake's podcast so that I can tell when it's him speaking and when it's Jeff. I can always tell when it's Will or Emily (for obvious reasons) but I've assigned the lines to Jeff and Jake somewhat randomly.
    So, I'll be listening to the podcasts and stuff, after that hopefully it will be easier. I guess Fazz got you a new listener, Jake!

    Not sure how detailed you want the transcript, here is an excerpt of the way I've done it (I've decided it was Jake talking. Feel free to correct me, anyone with the ability to do so):

    (Emily) I never really understood this robot. Is this Max's robot?
    (Jake) I think...
    (Will) I think it's one of his...
    (Jake) I...I was under the impression that it was a toy replica, a life-size toy replica of his robot... I don't know why I thought that... I may... Brendan or Chuck might have told that to me, or someone, but they might have been lying to me, 'cause they...
    (Will) Yeah, they might have just made that up completely.
    (Jake) Well I ask a lot of the same sort of ridiculous questions that people on the forums ask of Brendan, and, then he just lies to me, so...
    (Will) What do you mean, Brendan lies?

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