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Devil's Playhouse PSN Download times?

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Hey guys!

First, the thanks:

Thanks for reviving Sam and Max, doing a great job on the first two seasons, and being a great resource for the Series DVDs / Surfing the Highway! You all rock!

Second, the obvious reason any posts anything on the internet, the help:

So, with some extra work and penny-pinching, I managed to get $40 into my PSN account. I WILL buy your product, and I greatly look forward to enjoying episode 3....


The forces that be are whisking me away to places when high-speed internet is a 56K modem (I'll be working at Yellowstone National Park for the summer if anyone cares...) and will therefore have limited, if not non-existent access to the PlayStation Network.

I REALLY want to have episodes 1 and 2 (I leave on June 1rst) to keep me busy, but I'm not sure if it is possible to download / buy the full season now, then download the other chapters at my leisure.

Sorry if this has already been addressed, but I haven't found such a thread, in any case, thanks for your time, and all the hard work you do at TellTale Games.




hey, if I buy the season now, can I download the later chapters some months after they are released, or is there a specific download window I have to make? kthnxbai!

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