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Does Post Count Matter?

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This is branching off from another thread that went WAY off topic. Does having a high post count matter to you?

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  • Only if I get to be on a DVD. Which probably won't happen unless I increase my posts per day by thousand percent.:D

  • NO, says the Pale Man, it belongs to everyone!

    Wait, I'm not Andrew Ryan.

  • No, but I put "Yes" because I want to feel I'm trying to be important.

  • No. Some people could have a post count in excess of 1000, 2000, etc. and have absolutely nothing of value to say. They could say a giant load of crap every time they decide to make a post. Having a high post count doesn't always mean that the person always has something clever or insightful to say, maybe they're just a waffler who posts too much.

  • I Think a post count matters in the sense a higher post count means they've Posted more (well duh!), so in theory they have expressed themselves mroe, so you feel like you know them.

    But as a status symbol, like i've seen in other forums, definately no. Although, having said that, in some other forums, low post counters are usually rabid fanboys, and they mature as their postcount increases (probably because of the amount of abuse they get!)

    So, in short, the amount of posts someone makes affects the community's perception of them, but that holds true even if the post count was invisible.

  • This seems like as good a place as any to say that I avoid the Forum Games section like the plague, so my post count reflects exactly how active I've been on here. It's the join date that's off. I may have viewed the forums for the first time on 8/19/09 (and I have no idea why, but it had nothing to do with Spinner Cay coming out the next day), but I didn't so much as lurk on here until I started posting after finishing Trial and Execution on October 30th.

    And what does any of that have to do with post count? Zilch, but I'm the one who started the post count derail in the other thread, so apparently this is what I do.

    As for my actual count, certain milestones might feel special, like 1000 posts, but in the end it doesn't mean much to me, other than that I've been more active on this forum than any other by far. For reference, I've been the second most active on Gaia, where I have 394 posts since March 2006, almost all of which have been in private RPs my friends talked me into, in a Nintendo guild, or meaningless bump posts in the holiday event forums.

    So what does my post count mean to me? It means that I like this place. I like the people here, and I actually have things to say here and feel comfortable saying them. All 1528 of them so far.

  • @GuruGuru214 said: This seems like as good a place as any to say that I avoid the Forum Games section like the plague, so my post count reflects exactly how active I've been on here.

    Posting in the Forum Games section doesn't add to your post count.

  • I know, that's what I was getting at. My post count reflects exactly what I've done on here and no less.

  • Oh. I really don't see "forum games" as "doing things", but okay.

  • Well, me neither, but at the same time, it's interesting to be able to see that I've got exactly 1,530 pieces of text floating around on here.

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