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What happened to the office!?!?

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I loved the first episode of the new season, but the only thing that bothered me was the fact that you do not EVER get to go inside the office. I've been waiting months to see what was in my closet from ep. 204, and now it's in another dimension. please bring back the office, Telltale.

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  • The office will come back at some point.
    After all we see the office waaayyyy in the future in episode 204

  • @Emo Hoe said: The office will come back at some point.
    After all we see the office waaayyyy in the future in episode 204

    But Jake stated on these forums that the future is not definite, IIRC. Some future visions, like Flint getting killed, were changed.
    Thus, what we saw in Chariots of the Dogs doesn't have to be what really happens.

    I have a feeling they might go to that dimension in a later episode, though.

  • True true
    But still its the office, its bound to come back.

  • no 204 was in 205 but the volcano:confused:

  • I don't know. Considering what happened in The Penal Zone, They used the device Momma Bosco gave Sam & Max to make their office an new Penal Zone, and sent Skunkape into it I don't know if they will go back to the office.

    I personally hope they do someday, I miss it already. (Frankly, I just wonder is Sam finally got a new coat hanger for the TV by now.)

  • but if they gust go in as normal they mite say i like what the Penal Zone did waif the office

  • I suspect Telltale wants to replace it with a new, less roomy one. The direct control scheme they're going with would finally allow that.
    Look at the office in the comics:
    If Sam could lie down on the floor and stretch out, he could probably touch the door with his fingertips while still touching the wall beneath the window with his toes. Now compare the Telltale office:
    It's like a ballroom in there! (The one in Hit the Road is not much better btw.) So I think Telltale is working on an excuse to replace that with a more appropriate size.

  • It's bigger in the animated series too.

    I don't see what use it has to shrink it in though...

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