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A GameStop on Every Corner

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Is it me or does it seem like video game stores abound these days? I just turned 32yo, and I can remember back in the day when one would have had at most 3 nearby places (at least in a city the size of Tulsa) to go to buy video games from.

Today, I can locate 6 GameStops alone that are within 6 miles from me, as the crow flies. (A is me; and there are 2 Gamestops, one is in a mall, near 3)

This doesn't even include Best Buy, Toys 'R Us, Game Xchange or Vintage Stock (the last 2 also trade games from old consoles.)

Why is this? It would seem that, in such circumstances, there would now be a glut of video game stores and as such several would go out of business, or at least that GameStop corporate wouldn't have so many stores so close together. However, they've all stayed open for several years. I know that the video game industry is growing, but seriously....

Have you all also noticed tons of gaming stores popping up everywhere?

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  • GameStop does well for itself. Their yearly profits are more than 50% of the profits for the entire rest of the game industry (publishers/developers) combined. They have quite the racket going.

  • Here's the map I got:


    I always go to 1 when I have a reason to go to GameStop, and sometimes I'll end up at 2 with my friends. I've never seen 3 or 7, and I've only ever seen 5 because that's where the nearest Toys-R-Us is. I don't know what 6 is doing on there, and 4 isn't even open yet. And there's one at the mall a little bit up the highway from 7.

    All that said, I don't go in GameStop without a good reason. Either looking for a specific used game or something I just can't find anywhere else. I mainly buy my games at Target or every once in a while Best Buy.

  • I kinda wish there were more locally owned game shops, but I understand why there aren't. :\

  • At first I was like "what's gamestop?". So I googled it.
    Turns out it's EB Games in Canada and Micromania in France. Yeah. They're everywhere.
    Although Score Games is pretty big too in France. But when I was a kid there was just one in my area that was pretty far. When I left France they were everywhere.

    It's a good thing, though, isn't it? Maybe one of them will actually make it around my current area someday. And I'll be able to buy games from a store.
    Although to be fair I'm a bit surprised, with the Internet being big and all, I wouldn't have expected game store to multiply quite as much as they did.

  • Yeah, Gamestop thrives on used games, which make them a ton of money and everyone else nothing at all. Which is why I want to say that, if you buy a used game from Gamestop (or any other large store), especially a recent game that developers and publishers are relying on, Kroms kills a kitten.

  • Well, I won't have any kitten killing on my conscience. I have a thing about buying my games brand new in the plastic, unless they're unobtainable in such a state.

  • You guys are lucky then. I know of one small game store in the nearest city, and one two cities over.
    Toy stores carry games here too, but they're obviously not as specialised as game stores.

  • I'm glad we don't have Gamestop in the UK. We do have Gamestation, which has a lot of preowned games and 'Game' also stocks a fair few though.

    What does everyone think about the $10 fee EA (and other companies) are going to charge people who buy second hand to play online?

  • We actually don't have a dedicated games shop in my town at all, the best we have since Woolworths went is the small section that Sainsbury's have and Xtra-Vision (which is just Blockbuster)

    How's that for the other side of the penny?

  • I have two Gamestops. This is sad because they got rid of the far superior Rhino Games and Game Crazy stores that were here first. They bought Rhino, and I don't know what happened to Game Crazy.

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