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Sam & Max dream i had: starring Johnny Depp

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this is probably gonna sound stupid to mention: but last night I had a dream: a dream that Sam & Max finally made it to the movies in the most bizarre way possible: a stop-motion movie by Tim Burton!!!

I'm a little fuzzy on the details but the duo occasionally break the 4th wall as such:

Sam: holy barricading Buddha riding down the Egyptian pyramids on a unicycle in a musical by Mel Brooks!! Max, we're in a Tim Burton movie!!!! Do you know what that means?

Max: bizarre German Expressionism-like sets and type-casting Johnny Depp as the villain or anti-hero?

Sam: pretty much.

Max: (Getting excited) this means I can cause as much destruction and disturbing images as I want...and still maintain a PG-13 rating!!!

Sam: not while I still have a gun you don't

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